Beech Tree / Brown Leaves

Asked May 11, 2020, 10:11 AM EDT

Hello, Past couple of years the new spring leaves on Beech tree immediately wilt, shrivel, curl up brown and die, dropping from tree. Some branches still not infected, but if a branch (most) are infected, every leaf on the branch is effected. I'm told it is not BLD. No strips on the leaves. No pests visible. No lawn products used to effect this 60 Ft tree in our front yard. I posted pictures on "TreeBuzz" site with this same tittle, but didn't receive a diagnosis. Please advise what the problem is, How to treat the problem, or where a Beech tree branch taken for further inspection. (Important) Beltsville, MD Thank You

Prince George's County Maryland

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This is likely and appears to be a type of anthracnose disease (perhaps Discula), which can be common on various shade trees in spring. Cool weather and, to a lesser extent, wet weather can favor development of the disease.

Unfortunately, control is typically not practical, and this time of year it would be too late to apply preventative treatments. If a fungicide is warranted given the repeated infection of your tree, treatment by an arborist or licensed tree-care company would be needed given its size. For the time being, discarding any fallen leaves and minimizing tree stress (irrigating during summer or autumn droughts, for instance) is the only practical approach.