Spider Identification

Asked May 11, 2020, 2:47 AM EDT

Can you name this spider found in Poulsbo, Washington and give some of it's characteristics/behaviors?

Kitsap County Washington

4 Responses

First a couple questions--is it as black as it looks in the photo? Or is it brown? How large is it?

The spider is as pictured black with white marking on the back. The body is approximately 1/2" and leg reach makes it almost 2". That is a 2×4 right next to it if that helps with sizing. He was inside an outdoor wall I was taking apart. Really surprised me as I was making quite a racket with hammers and saws. Anyway when I returned to the project this morning he had packed his bags. Still very curious about him and glad he was not aggressive!

While I can't be certain, its appearance, size, habitat, and web make me think it's probably a Giant House Spider Eratigena atrica. They easily reach that size and larger. The only way to really identify spiders is to check out specific anatomical markers, and we obviously can't do that. Here's more info about the Giant House Spider: http://pestsense.cahnrs.wsu.edu/Search/MainMenuWithFactSheet.aspx?CategoryId=2&ProblemId=842

Thx. I believe it was the Giant House Spider. So glad s/he moved on despite my destroying his habitat. Thanks again for your timely response and accurate classification! Be safe and stay healthy!