What kind of spider is this?

Asked May 10, 2020, 7:58 PM EDT

I found this spider in my washer and I cannot figure out what kind of spider it might be. Can you please help me identify it?

Monroe County Michigan

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That looks more like a bumble bee than a spider. Can you send me a different pic with a white background so I can see the specimen better?



When I looked at the photo, I did think the same thing as well, that it looked similar to a bee. I took a quick shot of it and that is all I saw of it. I did not see any wings on it and it appeared to crawl like a spider, which is why I’m uncertain. We have some wasps in our yard, but I have not yet seen any bumble bees. We have a very small back yard. I found it in there after I pulled clothes out of the washer, so I am surprised it survived the wash. Unfortunately I do not have any other photos. To be honest, with my fear of spiders, I did not attempt to get it out. I haven’t done any laundry the past couple of days and it seems to have disappeared.

It is definitely not a spider so it's safe to use your laundry room again.