Asked May 10, 2020, 11:10 AM EDT

How can I eradicate runaway bamboo spreading into an adjacent woods?

Campbell County Kentucky

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are you wanted to eradicate the whole forrest of bamboo or just wanting to prevent further spread.

Eradicating the whole bamboo forrest is going to be the most sustainable method. harvesting canes, using non-selective herbicide on newly cut shoots and then tilling. We did this method about 4 years ago at our educational gardens. This took us a few months and multiple applications, but we succeeded. keep posted if you have any further questions. feel free to call me at the office anytime: 859.572.2600

Is there a possibility of getting an on site consult about this? The site is relatively impossible to till. Thanks.

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At this time, I am trying to limit public access as directed by UK administration. Please feel free to send pictures to my email: or we can set up for a virtual meeting. Thanks for your understanding and looking forward to receiving your email.