Blue Point Juniper

Asked May 9, 2020, 10:21 AM EDT

I want to plant 3 Blue Point Junipers this weekend. However, the temperature is supposed to get down to 29 degrees. I’ve heard these trees should not be planted in this cold of weather. Is this true?

Natrona County Wyoming

1 Response

Sorry for the delayed response, I just saw your message a few moments ago.

There are a couple of things that make the answer the this question or situation, "That Depends".

Did you just purchase the plants and were they outdoors when you purchased them? Were they grown in a region warmer or similar to conditions here?

If you purchased these trees from a nursery that purchases their plants from a regionally similar location and the plants have been outdoors until now, then they can stay outdoors and should be fine with the cold temperatures.

If you are unsure of their previous location, you could keep them near the home or in a protected location, maybe in the garage or near a fence or other protection until the cold of this Tuesday evening comes and goes.

For more tender plants we recommend waiting for a day after our last expected frost date, which is around May 22 or 25. Of course every year is different and last year we had snow on June 10th if I remember correctly.

Please feel free to contact the local Extension Office (235-9400) if you have more questions or use the Ask an Expert system at your convenience.