When to rip up and reseed?

Asked May 8, 2020, 11:54 PM EDT

Hey there! We just moved into a new home. The back yard is a layer of moss with clover and weeds growing on top and through. My husband and I are against spraying with chemicals to kill. From the research I’ve done we planned on digging the top layer off and rototilling the soil up then reseeding. I’m concerned that it’s to late in the season to reseed? I’m curious the proper type of grass to use too, we plan on playing and enjoying our lawn! We are in Monmouth. What is your suggestion with a yard as far as how and when to reseed it?

Polk County Oregon

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Healthy lawns involve many considerations. Soil, drainage, and sun will have a lot to do with how grass turf does for your yard. OSU Extension has publications with many details (maybe too many for a beginner). Read through these, though, and ask follow-up questions. Note the timing for replanting, or overseeding can be in spring or fall. Should you decide to wait for fall, keeping your current lawn well mowed and watered might give you a very sturdy surface for play during this first summer at least.
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