Greenhouse Shade Cloth Selection

Asked May 8, 2020, 9:04 AM EDT

We have a small (6'x'8') greenhouse and typically grow vegetables in it. However, this year with the current scenario we are going to place some of the house potted plants in it instead. I've read many pages on which shade cloth to use. No one seems to agree 100%. My guess would be a green knitted 50% shade. Some articles state the entire roof get covered, while others state only the west side. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Bob & Becky.

Livingston County Michigan

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Bob and Becky, thank you for the question. It is not unusual for disagreement in how to deal with items like shade cloth. Different situations may require different degrees of shade. Your plants may be use to certain conditions and changing those conditions drastically can be stressful on the plant. This would mean not only the amount of light but heat, and air circulation, also. Most of the significant light will come from overhead and from the south. Those are the surfaces that require the most shading. It would be hard to determine what you plants can tolerate as far as heal and light. This may require some experimentation. Fifty percent is probably a good place to start.
I hope this is helpful,