Bigleaf Maple Growing in Planter Pot

Asked May 7, 2020, 8:32 PM EDT

Hello, About 11 years ago my mom moved from Banks, Oregon to Hillsboro, OR. She brought along a handful of potted plants from Banks and continued to grow them. A year later, she passed away. I then inherited some of these lovely potted plants and have tried my best to nurture them. Interestingly, it appears that the Bigleaf Maple that my mother had originally had on her Banks property had seeded a mini version in one of her pots - I am not educated on whether this is a sucker or an actual tree. Since then, the largest maple has continued to grow with my hydrangea, which was in an entirely different pot, and is spreading tiny saplings (suckers?) into many of my other planter pots on my deck in Beaverton, OR. It's so sweet that it has continued to grow, as it reminds me of my mother often, but I am wondering if it's worth transplanting or trying to stop it growing in the other pots? Should I remove it? Transplant it? It keeps spreading! Our yard is a nice size but I'm not sure if it's big enough to sustain a Maple! And I dont even know if it would grow if moved? Ant help would be wonderful. Thanks, Marcie

Washington County Oregon

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Thank you for the images.

The maples in your pots are seedlings. If you want to transplant one to the garden, set aside several small to medium sized ones that look good then, in the fall, decide which one you will plant.

The larger the seedling is, the more distorted the root system will be because it has been in a pot too long, the more likely it will topple some day in the future.

A bigleaf maple eventually becomes very big (huge) tree. Perhaps obtaining a vine maple from a garden center would be sufficient to trigger your memories while fitting into your garden.

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