Dogwood Tree

Asked May 7, 2020, 6:15 PM EDT

About 6 weeks ago we purchased and planted a dogwood tree to memorialize the passing of our family dog. We purchased at Als Garden Center and followed their directions for potting in a pot. In the last week we’re noticing wilty leaves with brown dry ends. I’d like advice on what could be the problem and what to do about it. Thank you!

Washington County Oregon

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Thank you for the images.

It's very likely the tree is short of water. That could be true even if you are watering it.

When moving a plant from one container to another, the origianl rootball should be thoroughly moisten and the added potting soil should also be moist.

To accomplish that:
1.) Submerge the rootball in water until bubbles stop rising, a maximum of 20 minutes; remove, drain and plant.
2. Pre-moisten the potting mix until damp, not sopping.

After care:
1.) Followup care may require daily watering during the first weeks) to the original rootball if the weather is warm and breezy, perhaps every other day when it's cooler. Feel the surface inch to know if water is needed.
2.) Early on, place the pot in a sheltered site to protect from full sun and/or wind. (Do that today.)
3.) At this time, the only way to re-moisten the rootball may be to submerge it in water. If the potted plant is too heavy to do that, rig a slow primitive drip system of 3 or 4 plastic jugs, each with 2 pinholes in the bottom. Set on top of the rootball and fill with water daily.

Finally, unless this is a dwarf tree, it should eventually go into the ground.
But, if it must remain in a container, plan to re-pot it in 3 years, either into the same container or a larger one.

Thank you so much for the advice. I will try to find a more sheltered place for the tree and rig up the watering system.

I assume the tree is sitting on the corner of a patio. If so, just move it toward the house for a brief stay.