Looking for red osier for sale

Asked May 7, 2020, 3:49 PM EDT

We are looking to plant a quantity of red osier along our north and east property lines. The DNR, and then the Extension Office directed me to contact this office. We have purchased from the DNR’s program in the past, and will again in August. In the meantime we’d like to acquire some plants to start this Spring. Do you know where we can get a bunch of plants for our property? We’d prefer to go through a County or State resource as opposed to Prairie Restoration, Waldoch, or similar retail because of the quantity we like to plant. Warm regards, Jessica

Anoka County Minnesota

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Red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea/Cornus stolonifera) is available from a number of online sources.

Information here may also be useful:

The retail nurseries tend to be really expensive which is why we went through the DNR for plantings at our previous residence. I was told by the DNR that Anoka County had a similar program in partnership with the U of M. Which is why I reached out to the Extension. Are you familiar with a program through the Extension/County where we can buy young plants in bulk?

Most county-based bulk tree/shrub seedling sales are conducted by soil and water conservation districts. The plants are distributed in April and these sales are now closed.

We don't know of any current similar U of M plant sale partnership with Anoka County but if one exists, folks at the Soil and Water Conservation District will know about it. Try directing your question to them: Kathy.Berkness@AnokaSWCD.org
+1 (763) 434-2030

Thank you very much! We will put it on the calendar for next year!
Enjoy your weekend! ☀️