lawn for pollinators and other invertebrates?

Asked May 6, 2020, 2:46 PM EDT

Hi, My neighbor uses a lawn service (Tru-Green) and I really wonder if the applications of chemicals are doing in pollinators. I try really hard to plant things that will attract and sustain pollinators from spring until late summer. Is my neighbor's effort to have a uniform green lawn just undoing my efforts? Should I keep my dog from walking on their boulevard? I love my neighbor so this isn't a Hatfields and McCoys thing...I just wonder every time I see the Tru-Green pull up and then see the little "keep children and pets off" signs go up. One other concern...we live up at the top of the bluff above the Mississippi River. Isn't the river going to suffer from unneeded nutrient load? Thanks.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Thank you for writing.
I cannot comment on Tru-Green or the specific plan. It offers several.
In general soil in the metro area has sufficient phosphorus. The use of herbicides to maintain Bluegrass lawns (if that is what your neighbor has) can be harmful to pollinators, depending on the chemicals used.
This is a good situation to lead by example. Consider a bee lawn, rain garden. As the beauty and diversity of your property grows, perhaps your neighbor will join you at a social distance for a conversation. That happened in our neighborhood which is also on a bluff upstream from you.