Plant identification

Asked May 6, 2020, 10:56 AM EDT

Every spring I question myself when pulling what I think are weeds--is it really something I want and just looks different as a newly emerged plant? I'm getting better at deciphering, but here is one that escaped my notice newly emerged, as it was mostly nestling among my Siberian Wallflowers and it wasn't until I started some aggressive weeding a few days ago that I realized it's actually eeeeverywhere, but in lesser concentration. Thanks in advance! Cristina Ps I have poor reception at the moment so apologies if this came through more than once!

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi - This looks like an aster or a goldenrod. There are many species of both -- and they all look very similar at this stage. We would need to see photos of the flowers in order to determine what they are for sure. If you want to leave a few and send us pictures later in the season when you see flowers, we would be happy to take another look then.