Pasture for dairy goat

Asked May 4, 2020, 9:44 PM EDT

I would like to plant a pasture for my three dairy goats to add nutrition to their diet and reduce our expenses for food. However whatever goats eat can change the taste of their milk. I live in Lincoln county, NV. I'm surrounded by alfalfa fields do I know that my soil can't be too terrible. My soil does seem to be very clay like. I found some goat pasture seeds online. It contains alfalfa, fescue grass, orchard grass, forage chicory, birdsfoot trefoil, sanfoin, red clover. Do you know how this will affect my goats milk taste? Would you recommend these in my pasture? What size pasture do I need for three dairy goats?

Lincoln County Nevada

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You need to contact you local county extension office. Forage production can be very different in specific areas and the will know the local forage as well as expected stocking rates for your area. Availability of irrigation and soil fertility also play a role in what should be planted.

I do not recommend mixes as you describe because they do not establish as advertised. The mix has both cool and warm season forages in it and they cannot be established at the same time. Your County Agriculture Agent can provide more information on establishing forages in your area and what are the best choices.