Overgrown Day Nuetral Strawberries

Asked May 4, 2020, 7:06 PM EDT

I have Day neutral strawberries. This will be their second year. Directions said to plant 12-18 inches apart. Cut runners and nip flowers first part of the first year. I did this. My question is these plants spread and grow THICK with 4-6 crowns in each cluster. They grew so thick. Now that spring is here, I wonder do I thin these back to 12-18 inches? I certainly missed a few runners apparently. Wife says let them be, let them matte up, i tell her they are not June bearers and I am under the impression one plant 12+ inches apart. Am i wrong? Are these supposed to grow up plugging the raised beds or should I rip some of these monsters up allow that 12 inches back for each plant? The plants are Tribute strawberries.

Mecosta County Michigan

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Typically day neutral strawberries are raised in plastic or with some other way to limit runners and runners are removed. They are often raised in annual production systems and replaced every year or two with another planting. You can experiment some. The planting would benefit from thinning the plants. I would suggest you wait until after the first flush of fruit in the spring and do some renovation during the summer months