Cutting dead pinyon pine trees

Asked May 4, 2020, 3:54 PM EDT

If we harvest our dead pinions in May will it cause a risk to the live trees around them as far as beetle infestation? In other words, is there a safer season / temperature to cut down dead pinion pine trees so that there is less of a reinfestation problem? Or is that only a concern for trimming up live pinions? We live in the New Castle area at about 6,000 ft on south facing slope in juniper and pinion forest.

Garfield County Colorado

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If the trees are already dead, there shouldn't be an additional risk. This is only considered risky when the trees are alive, but in your case, as long as you have confirmed that they are dead, you can go ahead and harvest them.

If you do want to remove live trees, we recommend waiting until the winter.