Prevent Bee's Nests - NOT Kill Them

Asked May 4, 2020, 1:56 PM EDT

Is there a safe way to prevent wasps and bees from building nests around my house - in the upper corners of doors, windows, soffit? I'm somewhat allergic to bee stings but don't wish to kill them. I was wondering if there is something I could spray that would deter them from building nests. They are beginning to build and I want to stop them before they get any larger, as well as keeping them from just moving to another corner if I knock their small nest down at night (and run like the dickens).

St. Mary's County Maryland

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There isn't a scientifically-tested method to discourage or repel wasps from making nests on or around buildings. Bees (other than carpenter bees and sometimes honeybees) tend not to nest in human structures, and many of our native bees are solitary and do not have shared nests. Removing the beginnings of nests, as you are doing, are the least damaging way to get rid of them, and with the exception of European Hornets (which can be nocturnal), they should be less active at night.

Here are some pages on commonly-encountered nest-making wasps:


Thank you so very much for your speedy response, Miri! I appreciate it very much!!