2020 Biofix Date for Coddling Moth and asian hornet

Asked May 4, 2020, 1:06 PM EDT

Hello, I have two Coddling Moth pheromone traps in our 1/2 acre orchard in NE Portland (by the Airport) KPDX station. I set the traps out at the end of March, but as of today 5/4/20 I've only caught 2 moths per trap and that was on 4/25. Because I caught so few, but the trees are dropping the last of their blossoms, I'm wondering if I have an accurate biofix? Do you have any information from traps the extension has set? Also, do you have more information on how to make an Asian Hornet trap? Thanks, Jessie

Multnomah County Oregon

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WSU provides a degree day model that does not require the biofix point:
This model starts accumulating degree days from January 1.

You can use this degree day calculator with the location "KPDX" for the Portland International Airport: https://www.degreedays.net/#

Since trap location and the size of the apple block may or may not yield reliable data, the degree day model might help in your situation.

OSU's orchard crop specialist might have information re: bio fix point for this season:

Here's information for trapping the Asian Giant Hornet:

If you trap them, report your sighting to the Oregon Department of Agriculture:

Good luck.