Horrible lawn

Asked May 4, 2020, 12:24 PM EDT

I am guessing that mostly through neglect our lawn is in very rough shape. Maybe 30-50% bare or dead. We have some weeds but not the big problem. We have two large areas (3-5 ft square) of ants. I ran soil tests from the kit at the hardware store. I did 10 tests - nitrogen depleted everywhere, phosphorus depleted or deficient, potash adequate. The pH runs mostly 7.5. In years past we have aerated. There has been attempts at overseeing. No help. I put down corn gluten this spring (9-0-0) but that is feeble. What can I do to restore or rehabilitate our lawn? I have read your articles. I still don't know how I can restore the soil nutrients. I think slit seeding would be good but so far have not found anyone to do it. I found that I could rent a power seeder which seems similar? I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions! I should note that our soil is naturally clay. Thank you very much. We do have an irrigation system.

Wright County Minnesota

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Have you applied any lawn fertilizer besides the corn gluten? A good spring fertilizer and a good fall fertilizer would be very helpful. Here is a link to info about ants. https://extension.umn.edu/insects-infest-homes/ants