Plant ID

Asked May 3, 2020, 11:45 PM EDT

Hello, I'm wondering if you can tell me what the plant is in the attached photo. It showed up in one of our gardens this spring and I think I'm seeing it coming up in a few other areas where we have mulch. I'm thinking it's some kind of weed, wondering if it's invasive or considered noxious. Thank you!

Dakota County Minnesota

1 Response

I believe it is Yellow Rocket also known as Bitter cress. (Barbarea vulgaris). It is considered a weed and is member of the mustard family. It is a common weed and is not considered noxious. I don't believe it is on any invasive list.

It has a tap root so you should dig it out and not pull it because it can re-sprout if you don't get all the tap root. If you want to use a herbicide you can spray it with any broadleaf weed killer.