How to kill Lubber Grasshopper infestation

Asked May 3, 2020, 5:45 PM EDT


I have not recieved a response fro sunday May 10 th.
A preserve backs up to my backyard in Florida. For the past several years I have had a Lubber Grasshopper infestation. The past 2 years I have diligently and almost daily have sprayed contact insecticide using a hand held air pump sprayer.This has become a tedious and exhaustive task. The internet has varied information on how to effectively eradicate this infestation.

I have read several articles with positive responses using NOLO bait. I am aware Nolo is more effective during the nymph stages, however what I am now seeing are adults. As of today I do not have an infestation, yet. I am spraying 5 or so a day . I was informed NOLO is slow to colonize and should be used along with contact sprays for the first 2 years while the NOLO is colonizing. Also ,to avoid Nolo being washed away during rain, it was suggested to put NOLO bait in 6 inch sections of PVC plastic tubes. Is this correct ? Does dish detergent mixed in water in a pump sprayer effective or should I use a contact insecticide? Would you offer your thoughts please?

St. Lucie County Florida

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Hi - In my experience, the best way to manage Lubber grasshoppers is to physically kill them or collect them in a container and put them in the freezer. They are difficult to manage with insecticides as they can detoxify some of the chemicals. Here is an article that will provide some options. If they are eating your landscape. You may need to hand pick them off and then freeze them. Take care,