Ash tree

Asked May 3, 2020, 2:51 PM EDT

In the last year my husband and I moved to a property that contains the only Ash tree in our neighborhood. I have no arborist knowledge and need help maintaining the tree. Insecticides are in order? Any help would be appreciated!

Washtenaw County Michigan

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Ash died quickly back in 2003 to 2007 in the Washtenaw area. Many sprouted back and grew for a while and were attacked again. Trees are still attacked in Washtenaw but since there are fewer trees to feed on there are also not nearly the number of Emerald Ash borers. We had an ash planted in Jackson in front of our office that lived for years after the first wave of infestation went through but it did eventually die from the pest. Treatments are based on the size of the tree. For smaller trees, it may be easier to use soil drenches that are used at the base of the tree. There are also companies that provide insecticide injections into the tree with a product called Emamectin benzoate. A brochure on the types of recommended insecticides is available at: