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Asked May 2, 2020, 4:31 PM EDT

I'm creating a vegetable garden with raised beds, and will purchase garden soil and compost from a garden center. I live in Cockeysville and have clay soil. Is a soil test necessary for raised beds in my area? I checked the links you've provided for soil tests: some are not operating due to COVID-19 and others don't have clear links for home gardeners. Delaware, for instance, requires kits to be purchased from their extension offices. If a soil test is necessary, do you have other suggestions on where I can get one? Thanks!

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- U of DEL will accept soil samples from MD gardeners that are submitted in plain plastic bags. The UDEL basic test includes a lead test. We do recommend that you test the native soil to get some baseline information on soil pH and nutrient levels.

Topsoil/compost mixes are excellent for raised beds. Examine the material before purchasing and ask the supplier about the origin of the topsoil and any testing results.

Our page on filling a raised bed with soil: