Showing wether goats

Asked May 2, 2020, 4:20 PM EDT

I'm getting 2 Nigerian wether goats. My grandson has been in 4H for several years and asked if he could be responsible for the caring of them so he could show them in 4H. What are the rules about goats and 4H. We live in Clatsop County.

Clatsop County Oregon

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Hi. He just missed the deadline for getting into 4-H and showing them in fair this year. But fair is going to probably look different this year for everyone. What he will want to do is get connected to a club. My assistant does that, you can email and he can get you set up. Not sure when you were planning on getting these, but our 4-H year starts in October, so he could join now or wait until next fall. It is hard right now, because we can't do any hands on learning right now. Jared can answer all of your goat questions also. Does that answer your questions?

My question was about if he can show wethers in 4H.

Oh, sorry, yes we have wethers in 4-H.

Thank you!!

You are welcome. I was going to cut and paste the classes, but I can not access that info right now. Sorry.