Ash Tree regrowth

Asked May 2, 2020, 7:42 AM EDT

I have a lot of ash trees that have died due to the ash bore. The stumps are growing "suckers". Could these trees survive the ash bore or develop a resistance to the ash bore? Thanks for your consideration.

Lapeer County Michigan

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Your question: Could these tree stumps survive the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) or develop a resistance to the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)?

Epicormic Sprouting:

When trees are stressed, they may try to grow new branches and leaves wherever they still can (suckering). Stressed ash trees may have new growth at the base of the trunk or on the main branches. As with canopy thinning, other sources of stress can cause suckering around the base of ash trees, and these symptoms do not specifically indicate EAB. However, these indicators can be early signs of although such symptoms will occur when EAB attacks ash trees. Meaning there is no developed resistance. Check out this link:

Check out: Signs and Symptoms of the Emerald Ash Borer (E2938) - Figures F & G - September 5, 2017 - Author: Mary Wilson, MSU Extension at this link:

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