Photinia Dropping Leaves But Still in Bud

Asked May 2, 2020, 7:07 AM EDT

Please could you advise what I can do about my Photinia losing its leaves. The plant has lots of buds, but the leaves are dropping, at this time of writing the leaves have now all dropped. Four weeks ago I did spread some blood fish and bone around the base, but it does not appear to have done anything. I have attached multiple photos to help with diagnosis. I live in the U.K. Regards Pam

Outside United States

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Thank you for your question, Pam. This is at least the 5th question that just I have seen about the same thing in the same plant, all in the U.K. I cannot see the plant tissue clearly, so cannot tell if there are spots, or fungal growth. Here are diseases that we see here in the Pacific Northwest: It is also one of many plants susceptible to verticillium wilt: I suggest that you find a local plant clinic that has the resources to examine and test both the plant and the soil it is in, for pathogens. The Royal Horticultural Society might be of help. Good luck!