Replace soil in brick planter

Asked May 1, 2020, 8:08 PM EDT

Last spring I moved to a house with a brick planter in the front. I added some new soil mix and fertilizer to the planter b4 I planted geraniums (gets nice sun).They didn’t do well so I replaced them with other sun loving annuals. They didn’t do well either.
Seems like the soil is the problem. Should I just remove the soil and replace it? Or continue to amend what’s there.
First year with new gardens are always a learning experience.
Eileen Johnson
Hennepin County Master Gardner

Hennepin County Minnesota

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You didn't mention what the "soil mix" and fertilizer were. Or how you cleaned up the planter before you used it. I could see several potential problems: soil not appropriate for a planter, too much fertilizer, watering issues, disease carry-over in the planter, and so forth.

I'd recommend starting over. It is plenty early to get something going. So dump the mix you've got, clean out the planter (use a 10% bleach solution), replace with a soilless potting mix (many products around), fertilize (if necessary - some potting mixes have fertilizer already in them), and replant. Read here: