Red Robin Photinia

Asked May 1, 2020, 5:13 PM EDT

I have a Photinia growing in my front garden,which has been there approx.8 years.
Up until recently it was in prime condition,going through all the changes as the seasons progressed.
However in the past 8 days all the leaves have started wilting and it now looks very unhappy.
I've read on a few sites that it could be the weather conditions or something to do with the roots.
I'm open to suggestions as the wife doesn't want to lose it as it stops nosey parkers from looking into the lounge.

Outside United States

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Thank you for your question. We cannot diagnose a plant problem without knowing its location, and having clear photos of it so we can see symptoms. We have no information about your weather, how much sun , water and fertilizer it has been given, nor what diseases and insects you have in your area. We'll try to help if we have more information. Thank you!

Hi Kristena,
Thanks for the reply.
As regarding our weather here in the UK as we're still in spring,we are getting sunny days with intermittent showers.The plant is in partial shade until mid afternoon when it catches the sun..However we are still getting a substantial drop in temp on a night.As the plant is well established I don't fuss with it too much,it gets fertilizer a couple of times a year.I'm no expert so I don't know what diseases we get.We do get aphids here but I think its too cold at the moment.The plant is quite isolated & I prune every second year,would it help to prune it now?.Best Regards Barry

Thank you, Barry. There appear to be many of you on the island having problems with this plant! Unfortunately, we can neither examine nor test plant nor soil from across the pond. Here are the diseases we have in the Pacific Northwest: And verticillium wilt is another: I suggest you contact a local plant clinic with soil and testing capacity. The Royal Horticultural Society May have some recommendations. Good luck!

Hi Kristena,
Thanks for your advice,I'll get in touch with the RHS.
Best Regards, Barry