Emerald Arborvitaes yellowing

Asked May 1, 2020, 3:39 PM EDT

We planted Emerald arbovitaes about 3 weeks ago in a place where our old ones, 30 yrs old, were dying. We purchased at Costco and they are on the North side of our house in East Salem, The label said to water daily 30 mins and I have but when I read online, some say only 2x a week. We planted 11 of them and it is happening badly on one and just little on the others. I am wondering if I am over watering or maybe since we back up to a Hazelnut orchard, they have been spraying a few times but I don't know what they are using. It seems the tips are yellowing and then there is healthy growth further down each branch is affects.

Marion County Oregon

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The frequency of watering is different for new plants than it is for the same kind which are established.

Established arborvitae do well when watered twice a month, to a depth of 8 inches, during our dry months.

Newly planted arborvitae need water daily for the first several weeks, with a goal to maintain sufficient moisture in the original rootball for good health while new roots extend outward. Later on, gradually decrease the frequency to once a week, then every 2 weeks.

Thank you for the images,especially the one which shows placement of the driplines. Right now, those lines must be on top of the rootball, thereby applying the water directly to the roots.

Here's the plan:
- Move the driplines closer to the trunks and weight them down, or use earth staples, so that they touch the soil.
- Notice that water is running off well beyond the shrubs. To avoid that, consider running several short cycles instead of a longer one.
- An hour or so after an irrigation, check the soil of several rootballs to determine if they are well moistened.

Oh,yes. Don't add any fertilizer.