Jade Tree / Neem Oil

Asked May 1, 2020, 10:05 AM EDT

I treated all of my jade plants and a few succulents with neem oil - I used too much in the ratio and now the leaves are coated in oil. I tried to rinse it off with water but had no success. They leaves are all falling off and it all appears to be burning. How can i get it off? Should i just leave them be? Should i continue to spray them with water? I don't want that to result in over watering and I'm afraid if I cut off all of the affected parts, which is pretty much the whole plant, they will just die. For now i have them isolated in a room that doesn't get much direct if any sunlight. I know they can't live in there forever though. Any tips, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Oh, my. I'm sorry. A well-grown jade plant here in the northwest provides bragging rights to its owner.

The bad news, as you've discovered, is that jade plants and other succulents are extremely sensitive to oil-based products.
The hard-and-fast Rule for succulents is this: Don't use an oil-based product.

No known remedy is known other than wait-and-see. The plants may survive even if all the leaves drop but the stems remain turgid and in good condition.

In that case, do the following:
- Place them in a bright, but not sunny, place.
- Water only if the soil is quite dry, but don't wait for wilt.
- When you water, submerge the rootball in water until bubbles stop rising -- maximum 20 minutes -- then allow it to drain well.
- No fertilizer!

Realize that this rescue attempt may require several months.