Fire spinner

Asked May 1, 2020, 9:10 AM EDT

Two years ago I planted 4 Fire spinner plants, Purchased form a nursery, followed the instructions according to the tag. Well last year nothing grew back and there was no sign of life during winter. My understanding is the plant was suppose to have flowers and color throughout summer and fall, green color during the dormant season and return each year as perennials should. I was hopeful that maybe I would see some life appear this year but I guess after waiting there is no hope. My question...I am asking for some more of these plants for mothers day> I would love to have a plant like this grow, low height, colorful ground cover with vibrant colors , what do you suggest or is there another plant to consider for my location. No I have not had my soil tested. In this particular garden I grow.. tiger lily, Iris's, tulips, daffodils, other "Easter style lily's", Hosta, and some Lily of the valley. I see a primrose trying to grow but it is pretty short and small still. Any information you can give would be great.

Logan County Illinois

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Delosperma 'Fire Spinner' has been listed as hardy to zone 5 AND zone 6. Which could mean it's not as cold hardy as it's said to be. So in Logan County, you may be on the edge of the plant's cold hardiness. Another possibility is that the soil where you planted is doesn't drain well- it does not like wet feet. I would highly suggest a soil test see the make-up of your soil in the planting area. Certified soil labs can be found at this website:

Other perennial ground covers you may want to consider based on what you have planted in that area may include: Phlox sublata, Geranium pratense, Ajuga reptans, or Dianthus gratianopolitanus. Hope this helps! :)