Sick flowering cherry trees

Asked April 30, 2020, 6:41 PM EDT

Hi, I have two flowering cherry trees I planted about 4 years ago, over time the bark has been peeling and branches dying. Any help...?


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It looks to me like a deer in the rut got to the trees and rubbed the bark off. It is trying to develop callous tissue over the damage and may recuperate from the damage. It looks like it is in bloom, is that this year or from past years?

Since both trees show the same damage in about the same location, another reason for this kind of injury is frost damage due to heating during the day and freezing at night on the south west side of the tree. If the yard is protected from deer getting in, is the damage on the south west side of the trees?

If this is the case the area can be wrapped in fall and wrappings removed in early spring to prevent the worst of freeze/thaw damage.

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