Abandoned eggs in Robins nest

Asked April 30, 2020, 5:46 PM EDT

A robin built her nest in a planter near the front of my house by the door.She apparently didn’t realize how busy it would be there. I haven’t seen her in days and she hasn’t been on her eggs. Can I take those 2 eggs and put them in another Robins nest near my shed?

Blair County Pennsylvania

1 Response

Although it is tempting to try and help, it is best if you leave the eggs where they are. Nests and eggs of native species are protected by law. Robins lay one egg per day and the begin to incubate their eggs after the last egg is laid. It is possible that she is still laying eggs. However, if it has been left there for a couple of weeks, it was probably abandoned and she nested somewhere else. She may be the bird on the nesting near the shed.