Asked April 30, 2020, 2:04 PM EDT

I sent in a soil sample to MSU and was advised to add 3:2:3 fertilizer.. 120 lbs for 1000 sq ft.. I have a total of 256 sq feet of raised bed space. https://homesoiltest.msu.edu/your-results/code/TJDNNC I was unable to find the 3-2-3 formula, so instead I purchased : 12% nitrogen blood meal, 10% phosphate bone meal, and 60% mmuriate of potash. Could you please help me figure out how much of each I should add to my raised beds ? Thanks so much ! I attempted the fertilizer calculator, but I'm confused about dividing by 10 and then also dividing by 1000 ? the calculator tells me to add :

Based on 1 lb. N/1000 ft.²

  • 8.33 lbs of fertilizer to apply 1 lb. N/1000 ft.²
  • 0.83 lbs of P2O5 per 1000 ft.² applied
  • 5 lbs of K2O per 1000 ft.² applied

Houghton County Michigan

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Using the ratio of N P K given in your soil test I did the following calculations.

Nitrogen (N) from the 12% blood meal

25 lbs./1000 sq. ft = 0.025/sq. ft multiplied by the 256 sq. ft raised beds = 5 lbs. for entire garden

Phosphates (P) from the 10% bone meal

30 lbs./1000 sq. ft = 0.03/sq. ft multiplied by the 256 sq. ft raised beds = 8 lbs. for entire garden

Potassium (K) from the 60% muriate of potash

8.33 lbs./1000 sq. ft = 0.0083/ sq. ft multiplied by the 256 sq. ft raised beds = 2 lbs. for the entire garden

The five pounds of blood meal, the 8 pounds of bone meat and the 2 pounds of muriate of potash can be divided up between all the raised beds in your garden. I hope this information helps.