Lawn fertilizer

Asked April 30, 2020, 9:51 AM EDT

I understand that corn gluten is good for lawns but very expensive. We have an area that is 15000 sq ft so if we can find something less expensive. I'm not sure if there is a weed and feed on the market that is safe to use that we will not harm birds, frogs, bees or other pollinators. Or should we only fertilize and not use any kind of weed killer? We only use organic compost manure on our flower beds. We are hoping that you can direct us as to the best method but not break the bank. Thank you for your expertise. Sincerely Bev Billingsley

Bay County Michigan

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I appreciate your question about protecting pollinators and other wild life that inhabit your garden. I’m attaching a link to a Smart Gardening Tip Sheet which addresses this issue and provides you with alternatives to using corn gluten. It discusses managing healthy lawns without using insecticides: choosing types of grass; mow higher; use at least 2 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet each year and water lawns frequently during dry spells.

You also mention toads/amphibians. There have been studies that found insecticides containing imidacloprid have detrimental effects in the health of frogs and toads.

I hope this information helps you address the issue.

Thank you for your question.