Clumping bamboo(Chinese Dwarf)

Asked April 29, 2020, 7:48 PM EDT

Hello My name is Armando. I recently bought several Chinese dwarf 3 gallon bamboos. (Clumping). I was thinking of planting them along both sides of my home for a privacy screen; my dilemma is, I have underground electrical wire that runs on one side of my home where I would like to plant them at. Because they are clumping bamboos, will this cause my wife and I any problems at all? We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Lake County Florida

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Thank you for your question, Armando. Your concerns about planting any type of bamboo near a sensitive structure are justified. Clumping bamboo are certainly less of a problem than running bamboo. But there has not been a lot of research about the extent to which clumping cause problems with electrical (or plumbing or foundation or sidewalk) systems. Florida says: South Carolina says: In order to save yourself worry, money and marital problems, I’d suggest you consider large, above ground, well draining containers for them. While not expanding laterally as fast as running bamboo, they will give you time to enjoy them without needing to hire an electrician. Good luck!