Preemergent weed control

Asked April 29, 2020, 5:10 PM EDT

I would like to switch to preemergent weed control because topical spraying is harmful to bird etc., Our water source is a deep well whose source is an aquifer hundreds of feet below ground. The ones recommended to me are Roundup365 and Ortho Groundclear. I ask your help with deciding if this is safe for us. The decision is my responsibility

Prince George's County Maryland

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When using any herbicide, read the label completely. Labels change frequently.

These are both spray products. To be helpful, we'd need to know where you are spraying, what kinds of weeds/plants are you trying to target, whether and what kinds of other plants/lawn are there.

Photos attached to your replay would be helpful for us to see the area in question.


I will take the photos and reply to your questions but could you first answer my question as to whether the preemergents I named that I will use on my gravel driveway (far from well) are safe for my water source - again, a deep well whose source is an aquifer hundreds of feet below the surface?

They bind with the soil so they do not move down through the soil, and should be safe. However, product labels should list all hazards and precautions like that.

Further, you can contact the National Pesticide Information Center. Here is the website:
You can call or email them.