Weed identification

Asked April 29, 2020, 3:44 PM EDT

Can you please tell me what this weed is? I have been battling it for several years and cannot eradicate it from my beds. I have sectioned off and hit with Roundup, but no success. Because it comes up through my blue rug juniper, I can't easily access it to dig it out.

Frederick County Maryland

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This is crown vetch, a non-native weed, considered an invasive. At one time it was being planted for erosion control. Now that that no longer occurs, it is not as big a problem in some areas. Here's more: https://www.invasive.org/weedcd/pdfs/wow/crown-vetch.pdf

In a bed you can continue to pull it as soon as you see it, which will exhaust the root reserves and eventually starve it to death. Or you can spray it with a systemic herbicide containing glyphosate, which should travel down to the roots and kill them (does this best in late summer/early fall.) Glyphosate is a Total Vegetation Killer, so you must apply it very carefully with a brush or sponge or else shield you other plants so it does not get on them.


Thanks Ellen, I will try pulling it up to starve the root. Using Roundup over the years has not stopped it.

Many weeds have become resistant to glyphosate.