Mounds of Dirt in the Mornings

Asked April 29, 2020, 12:30 PM EDT

Can you tell me what creature is digging under my cement patio? In the morning there are mounds of dirt along side of the cement. No holes in the yard. I have flatten the mounds in the photos. This just started happening on 4/28/20

Marion County Oregon

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Thank you for contacting us about the holes in your lawn. I am going to consult with one of our specialists, but would appreciate knowing the following:

Were there any visible holes in the mounds, or tunneling?
Can you provide a photo of the intact mound?
Approximately how many mounds are there? All in the lawn?

With this additional information, we may be able to advise you.

No holes in the lawn just mounds next to the cement. Its like it tunneled under the patio and threw the dirt up to make the mounds. So far two mounds. I flattened the two then last night I soaked 2 strips of cotton in ammonia and shoved the material between the cement slab and the lawn where the 2 mounds were. This morning there wasnt anymore dirt but I expect more will pop up soon.

Hello again,

Thank you for the additional information. We can't draw any conclusions from your photos. If you can send a photo of an intact mound, we might be able to identify the digger.

Since you indicate there are no holes, it is not likely the animal is tunneling. It may be a squirrel, skunk or raccoon which is digging for food; but again, it is very difficult to determine from the flattened mounds. There are really only two options for control: deterrence or trapping. But deterrence is not possible unless we know what they are digging for, so that leaves the option of trapping. If you choose to set traps, it is best to put them out only at night and be sure to protect the traps so that pets and children cannot tamper with it.