Choosing the right native Michigan evergreen trees

Asked April 28, 2020, 11:16 PM EDT

I am trying to determine if there is an optimal evergreen species to plant on the border of my property. The trees are intended to serve as a natural screen barrier between my home and my neighbor's home immediately to the east. The row of trees runs due north and south for approximately 50 feet centered between the two homes. The homes are both large two-story structures and the total distance between the homes is approximately 30 feet. The current trees are suffering from needle drop, and despite spraying them for the last 5 years, they now need to be replaced. Any recommendation you might provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Paul

Oakland County Michigan

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The usual type of tree for this purpose is arborvitae, also known as white cedar. Numerous cultivars are available, and some of them grow into tall but very narrow trees. A good tree nursery should be able to guide you to the right cultivar to suit your climatic conditions. Arborvitae are often planted too deep-- this is very important to get just right. The bases of the lowest branches on the plant should not be covered with soil or mulch. I've seen a lot of arborvitae trees killed by planting errors.