Yellow Holly leaves

Asked April 28, 2020, 7:43 PM EDT

Hi I live on the bike path and some of the Hollys behind my house have many yellow leaves. I’d like to know how I can treat them. Although these are really on bike path property I have been caring for the area behind my house.

Sussex County Delaware

2 Responses

Evergreen hollies drop their older leaves in spring. The older leaves are found on branches towards inside of tree.
Cannot tell from picture but does look like older, larger leaves. If so, no treatment necessary.
If new growth is affected then it could be iron deficiency better known as chlorosis and treating with sulfur to reduce soil pH would help.
Since it is along the bike path, we have had lots of rain which they prefer, I would monitor and do nothing at present.

Thank you so much! I will keep an eye on the trees. I appreciate your response.