How can I control Hairy Nightshade in my vegetable Garden

Asked April 28, 2020, 1:38 PM EDT

Every year this problem continues and gets worse. I till my garden, plant my garden and then all the sudden tiny little plants show up by the 100's and start to grow. I believe it is Hairy Nightshade. They get big and have these white flowers and green balls. I have tried in vane to pluck them, but there are too many. Eventually they take over, I lose most of my garden and I end up with a field of these plants that are about knee high. I tried chemicals, but that simply killed off everything and I lost most of my vegetables and the problem keeps coming back. How can I control this problem without destroying the garden and it's crops.

Clackamas County Oregon

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If the weeds are the stage shown in your image, you can easily get rid of them using the Stale Seed Bed technique. (See the link for the helpful Poster at the right on this page -

Repeat the process for several years until undesirable seedlings are close to zero.

Even so, during the growing season, be certain to remove any/all "escapees" you see.

Digging is effective for established nightshade that are sprouting from the roots