Front Yard Tree

Asked April 28, 2020, 12:38 AM EDT

Thanks so much for all of this information on your website! I am hoping to plant a tree in my front yard in St Louis Park and am leaning towards a sugar maple. Few questions- 1) where’s a good place to find a seed or buy a young tree? 2) do I need to worry about yard sprinkler system or other pipe interference? 3) how far from the house/ driveway should I plant it?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The most economical way to plant a tree is to buy a bare root tree, which should be available at garden centers this time of year. Here is a reference for you with a link to trees recommended for our area: . Here is a reference on care:

I encourage you to look at the other trees listed in the first reference. Silver maples have been over planted and they have a lot of negatives not the least of which is they are fast growers so their wood is soft and brittle and limbs will break off with heavy snow or ice. They are also very messy when they release their "Helicopters."

Check what type of soil (clay, sandy) you have because that will make a difference in your selection.

I wouldn't worry about interference with pipes, just be careful when you dig the hole for the tree!

Plant the tree based on its mature height and spread. That will tell you the distance you need to allow from the house or the driveway.

I suggest that you visit your local garden center and get a recommendation from them.


Thanks so much for the informative response here! Thinking I’d like to do something around 40’ high and am looking at some elms.

Couple more questions:
1. Do you have a recommendation for how mature of a tree to start with (seedling to mature tree)?
2. Do you recommend a nursery or place to purchase the tree?
3. Do you know where I can buy Boston ivy for the side of my house? If you think there’s a better vertical growing vine, let me know.


1. I recommend starting with a four to six foot tree, but it depends on your budget. The best prices for a larger tree are in the spring when you can buy bare root trees. Here is a reference:
2. We don't recommend business , but any of the well known garden centers will have quality trees.
3.Boston Ivy is hardy here and can be found at garden centers. Be careful about letting vines grow on the exterior of you house because they can damage siding. They aren't so bad on brick siding, but shakes, shingles, and stucco exteriors can be damaged. It is better to put the vine on a trellis. If you are going to trellis and have some sun you might want to consider a clematis. this reference lists some vines: and