Is this mushroom toxic to dogs? Type of mushroom?

Asked April 27, 2020, 2:35 PM EDT

My dog recently became violently ill and was found to have liver enzymes 9x higher than they should be. The vet suggested he may have injected something toxic. We did find mushrooms in our back yard and were concerned these may be the culprit. Can you help identify them and if they are in fact toxic? They vary in size from 1 inch high to dime size head to 3-4 inches high and 4-5 inch diameter head. They pop up overnight. I pluck them out but they come back. My dog tends to eat everything.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi - We do not have the in-house expertise to do specific mushroom identification

beyond the most common wood-decay mushrooms. There are many "look-alikes" and mushroom identification is complex (involving spore prints,

This page from the North American Mycological Association has some helpful information concerning mushrooms and dogs.

There is no practical or permanent way to eliminate mushrooms. You can pick and discard them as they appear, or knock them over with
a shovel and put them in the