Cucumber have music leaves

Asked April 25, 2020, 11:19 AM EDT

I use to grow cucumbers but the last 2 years unable to produce fruit. I have the cucumber seeds resistant to mosaic disease. The seeds sprout and plants produce blooms. The plant start dying and the leaves look like lace. The cucumbers try to produce fruit then start dying. We use compost and cow mature along with 10-10-10 as fertilizers I also used a spray Bonide,copper fungicide recommended by Tonkadale in Minnetonka. The copper spray did not work. I attempted to grow cakes in a pot. The did okay but not the same as in agarden plot. I would like to ask your advice what would you do differently to achieve cucumbers?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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We can't be sure what's affecting the health of the cucumber plants without seeing them or sharp photos of the affected leaves.

What you have described suggests that something other than mosaic virus is damaging the plants--perhaps leaf diseases such as anthracnose or angular leaf spot. You may be able to confirm or rule out this possibility by comparing your plants with those shown here:

Go here to learn about these leaf spot diseases and how to control them:

Although copper sprays can be used to limit angular leaf spot, they must be applied early in the season, even before symptoms are present if the disease has been a problem in the past.