Lilacs and rhododendron varieties for Newark, DE

Asked April 25, 2020, 10:51 AM EDT

My wife and I live in Newark, DE. I would like to know what varieties of lilacs and rhododendrons would be suitable for our growing region. Thank you.


New Castle County Delaware

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You have many choices for lilacs and rhododendrons. The thing to look for once you find a plant with the size and flower characteristics you want is the plant hardiness growing zone which will be on the label. Newark is in hardiness zone 7a, so look for plants whose zones go well beyond that. (Lower numbers are colder and higher numbers warmer.) For example, if you find a plant for hardiness zone 4-8, your plant should be fine through a colder than normal winter and a warmer than normal summer. If you choose a plant with a hardiness zone of 7-10, you risk losing it in a cold year.

As another bit of advice, when buying a new shrub, pay attention to the future height and width of the plant. There are many new dwarf varieties that don't require much if any trimming. They can save you a lot of work in the future!