Rhubarb growth

Asked April 24, 2020, 9:58 PM EDT

What is wrong with my rhubarb. The mass is hard. I have gear rhubarb but this thing is getting bigger.

Morrison County Minnesota

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We can't be sure what's affecting the rhubarb by viewing the photos. However, based upon what we can see, we think the plant might be affected by a bacterial disease called crown gall. Please read the information at the following website and see what you think.

In any case, if the rhubarb crown and roots do not grow normally, remove them to keep whatever has caused the abnormal growth from spreading to other plants.

jut a quick follow up question, I have had this on mya rhubarb for years and it produces good rhubarb, am I safe to continue to eat the rhubarb. I have started a new rhubarb spot away from these but will not be ready for a couple of years. Can I continue to use it until my replacement rhubarb it ready.

Thank you so much for the answer and your help. Have a great day.


Unless the stems you harvest look or taste unusual, they should be safe to eat.