Yard moles

Asked April 24, 2020, 5:28 PM EDT

This spring the moles are quite active in my yard. More than normal I think. What's a way to exterminate them now and prevent them going forward?

Mecosta County Michigan

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MSU Extension has an article that may help you:


Overall, the old-fashioned traps are often the most effective method to get rid of them (and the safest for other animals). Keep in mind that if you have moles every year, whether a light or heavy year, they are very common rodents in areas where we live. Keeping them in check one year does not necessary prevent more from coming in later b/c they are simply looking for food to eat, such as earthworms and insects. If it is a regular problem, you have a couple choices: regular control with traps, or converting some of your landscape to mole friendlier habitat (i.e., less of a need to have turf).

For turf lovers, regular mole control is usually the choice. And so is a bit better management of possible grubs in your lawn (although not a true remedy of moles because moles eat more than just grubs, it will always help your lawn to control grubs). One of the best preventatives of grubs, is to keep your lawn blade length at 3 inches (https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/mow_high_for_weed_and_grub_control)

But if you ever considered adopting a different look to your yard, think about transformations that bring in more natural landscapes that not only support mammals, but many other important organisms, such as beneficial insects and pollinators, which have been compromised in the recent past.

Good luck to you!