Asked April 24, 2020, 12:55 PM EDT

What is your opinion on the feasibility or helpful ideas to accomplish... I am thinking of growing strawberries in a rain gutter maybe 3’ long in a stack of 3 mounted to my fence. I am drilling holes every 6” for drainage. Idea positives , easy weed and propagate baby plants, height perfect for seniors, adds greenery to fence. Possible negatives, are gutters deep enough to support the plant, would you get a decent crop, how to judge for fertilizer, if it rains hard no ground dissipation of water so would a gutter mounting slope help with more holes at the low end? Your help would be appreciated to give this idea best chance of succeeding. Thanks

Kent County Michigan

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Thank you for the question. Your ambition is laudable. And you are asking the appropriate question. It appears that the most successful "gutter strawberries" are with hydroponics and in a controlled environment. Soil depth can be a concern since strawberry roots can normally vary from six to twelve inches. Keeping the roots cool and watered could is another challenge.Monitoring soil moisture, will be require whether manually and automatically. Drip irrigation would be a plus. Fertilizer may require some trial and error. Perhaps some time release fertilizer may help. Follow the "by plant" label instructions. In stacking the gutters make sure the drain holes don't drain from the higher gutters into the lower ones. Adding a slope may be something on which to experiment. An overflow tube could work for excess water. Over wintering may require dismantling so you can insulate the plants from sudden temperature shifts. Attached is a link although not from an extension has some good input for your project. Check it out:
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