Lavender wintering over

Asked April 24, 2020, 12:40 PM EDT

My lavenders grow very nice the year I plant then over the winter they come back puny or not at all. I have tried several varieties with the same results. Soil is Sandy, ph 5.8 I believe I need a zone 5 hardy variety. Any recommendations?

Kent County Michigan

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Hello. A few things that lavender plants need are full sun, very well drained soil that does not allow the plant to have ‘wet feet’, no overwatering and it is helpful to have 2-3” of mulch over the root ball. The ideal pH is between 6.7-7.3. It is difficult to grow lavender in MI with our cold winters, much of the growth dies back and the rest of the plant can get woody with little flower production. Yes, you need plants that are hardy in zone 5. When pruning in the spring wait until new growth begins and the frost/freeze cycle is finished and prune off the dead areas. I hope these suggestions are helpful.