Acorns in the yard

Asked April 24, 2020, 11:23 AM EDT

Is it necessary to remove all the acorns from under my red oak trees? I am having trouble maintaining the grass due to the shade and now I have experienced a huge increase in acorns for the last two or three years. Some get picked up when I pick up the leaves and I also do some raking but I can see that many of the acorns have been pushed into the soil. Do I need to get more aggressive with the raking or can I let them decompose in place? I assume they tend to turn the soil slightly acidic. Should ag lime be applied every few years to counter this problem? Thank you. Jim Svendsen Elk River

Sherburne County Minnesota

1 Response

It is not necessary to clean up all of the acorns if they don't bother you. Chances are the squirrels and other animals will find them and help dispose of them. You could end up with some volunteer trees if the squirrels plant some for you or they sprout and start to grow. You could consider mulching under the trees rather than trying to grow grass. You should not add lime to the soil.